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Dresses For All OCCASION

OCCASION is a new concept boutique offering elegant, contemporary formal dresses that will see women through every stage in life. At Occasion, you will be able to find ready to wear dresses suitable for Proms, D&D, Formal Dinner, ROM day & bridesmaids. Our pretty dresses are designed to provide affordable options without sacrificing on style. As we have ready stock in wide array of colours, fabrics and sizes (S-XL), there is no need to endure long wait for the dresses to be specially made and shipped. New designs are added weekly to provide you with latest variety to pick from.


Bridesmaids Dress Packages

OCCASION boutique is the first in Singapore to offer Bridesmaids Dress Packages. Brides and bridesmaids alike can enjoy the convenience of selecting the perfect dress at our boutiques, having the privilege of seeing and trying on the many different styles and designs which made-to-measure services or online shops cannot provide.  Brides and bridesmaids also have the liberty to mix and match the many short dresses in different designs, colours and fabrics as there are no restrictions on the number of designs chosen in the package.

OCCASION is also the first in Singapore to introduce the fabric hand corsage that matches the bridesmaids dress colours! These pretty fabric hand corsages are popular replacements to the usual fresh flowers corsage as they can be kept long after the wedding as a memorable keepsake from the wedding. Matching shawls in identical fabric and colour tones as OCCASION dresses are also available for selection.   

OCCASION bridesmaids’ dresses will not only complement the bride's gown but also adds to enhance the wedding's unique décor. Visit our boutiques today to find out more about our budget friendly Bridesmaids Dress Packages and be spoilt for choice with OCCASION’s wide array of ready to wear bridesmaids dresses!